This 6-week module consists of one-on-one coaching and consultation with the instructor to support individual sustainable urban economies projects. The learning objective here is one of professional development –– to learn how to produce one of the following products: a business model, policy analysis paper, or campaign strategy/plan. Each, in its own way, is useful to economic development practice.

Assignments & Deadlines

Sustainable Urban Economies Paper DUE: Sunday, September 20

Write a 10-15 page business model, policy analysis paper, or campaign strategy on a topic of your choosing related to urban sustainable economies. Note: this is a good opportunity to take an area with which you have some familiarity, passion, and/or interest (which may have emerged in the course of this class) and investigate it through a new form. In other words, don’t try to learn a completely new topic and a new form at the same time unless you plan to devote a substantial amount of time to this project.

Week 22 Adobe Connect Presentation: Tuesday, September 22, 7 PM

Prepare a 10-15 minute presentation about your project for the Week 22 Adobe Connect Session.