In this third module of the course we will:

  • examine attempts to construct a new language to challenge traditional economic assumptions and values about growth and markets
  • revisit some ideas, theories, and strategies about the meaning and practice of democracy and why that is important to the production of sustainable economies

Assignments & Deadlines

Any chapters that interest/appeal to you in Degrowth: A Vocabulary for a New Era 

Chapters 2, 3, and Conclusion from Purcell, Mark, Recapturing Democracy: Neoliberalization and the Struggle for Alternative Urban Futures.

(the above books were to have been purchased at the beginning of the semester)

Democracy, Formal or Substantive: When Liberalism Becomes Counter Revolutionary,” from Raby, D.L., Democracy and Revolution: Latin America and Socialism Today. Pluto Press. 2006.

Just Added: Can We Do It Ourselves? [59:22]


Naomi Klein’s address at Degrowth-2014. [25:09]

Alberto Acosta’s address at Degrowth-2014 [Decrecimiento y Democracia – Degrowth & Democracy. Spanish recording] [20:59]

“The Curse of Abundance”: Alberto Acosta on the Failure of Extractive Industries and Alternative Models of Development in Ecuador. Democracy Now! April 29, 2010. [5:15]

“Alliances for Degrowth Between Global North and South” panel with Beatriz Rodríguez-Labajos, Ashish Kothar, and Alberto Acosta. Degrowth-2014. [2:13:36]

“Climate Justice and Degrowth: Commonalities, Resistances, and Alternatives” panel with Nnimmo Bassey, Lyda Fernanda, Tadzio Müller, Lucia Ortiz. Degrowth-2014. [1:51:48]

POSTER DUE: Tuesday, June 9

Using the above readings, videos, and your own experience as resources, as well as what you gleaned from our Residency Workshop with Rosten Woo re: using graphics to tell a story, create a draft poster that contains the key ideas that resonated the most with you in this module.

Need some visual inspiration?: check out this collection of posters, infographics, and ads by various non-profits…

Week 7 Adobe Connect Discussion Session: Tuesday, June 9, 7 pm 

This discussion will consist of:

student presentations and conversation about the issues, questions, and ideas that came up in your posters.

framing introduction to the upcoming sustainable urban economies modules on the basic human needs of housing, food, and clothing.

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