In addition to engaging in discussion related to the course module on Food, during the 4-day Residency you will be introduced to three alternative formats for your Sustainable Urban Economies project:

  • Business Model: A business model describes the rationale of how an organization creates, delivers, and captures value. It is a living document that needs to be revisited over the life of the organization.
  • Policy Analysis Paper: A policy analysis paper provides a target audience with sufficient information to make decisions on a specific policy issue. This tool is most useful in the context of a particular political moment and context.
  • Campaign Strategy/Plan:  A campaign strategy builds from a clear objective that is aligned with long-term goals, includes information about target groups (power analysis), and includes a tactical action plan on a timeline. Like the business model, it needs to be revisited over the course of the campaign to adapt to new opportunities and obstacles. Campaign Plans typically include specific elements such as research, organizing, legal, communication, and political, depending on the nature of the campaign.

Assignments & Deadlines

For your information and reference: Basic information will be reviewed during the four-day Residency to help you decide on the form of your project.

Business Model Generation
Skim through this book (Osterwalder, Alexander and Pigneur, Yves. Business Model Generation: A Handbook for Visionaries, Game Changes, and Challengers. Wiley. 2010. ISBN: 978-0-470-97641-1) to see if this is a professional skill that you would like to learn as an outcome of this class.

Here is a copy of the CANVAS tool for generating business models.

If you want to move ahead of the class — there is also a video of me walking through the CANVAS under the “Watch” tab of this page (I will review this during the residency).

Policy Analysis Paper
Review “How to Structure a Policy Analysis Paper” to see if this is a professional skill that you would like to learn as an outcome of this class.

Campaign Strategy/Plan
Review the Midwest Academy’s Strategy Chart to see if this is a professional skill that you would like to learn as an outcome of this class.

There is also a powerpoint (that includes presenter notes) available under the “Watch” tab of this page that walks you through the Midwest Academy campaign strategy planning process. It was created by the American Medical Student Association.

Gilda doing a walk-through of the Business Model CANVAS.

Business Model CANVAS walk-through from Gilda Haas on Vimeo.


Midwest Academy Strategy Planning Approach [by American Medical Students Association]
Note: click on icon on the bottom right to find presenter notes.

DOWNLOAD and COMPLETE the Sustainable Urban Economies Project Form and bring your completed form to the Week 13 Residency.